I hold the patent described below, and would be interested in negotiating it’s license or sale.  It should be of particular interest to those who have access to 3-D printing technologyRhonda Rubinson

Patent number:  US 6361578 B1

Holder:  Rhonda Rubinson

Easy-attach air-duct filter frame


The Easy-Attach Air-Duct Filter Frame is a simple device that permits ordinary consumer to filter the air issuing from interior air ducts in buildings either with or without forced air circulation systems. The Frame, which consists of four frame sides (1) manufactured to create a channel opening into which a filter or filters may be inserted, is easily installed on the surface of an existing grille by magnetic backing (4 a) either by adhering directly on to front surface of the register grille, or by a attaching a thin steel frame (4 b) to the surface of the grille before attaching the Frame. Access to the filters for installation, removal, and cleaning is provided by a removable pullout front-grate (3), which secures the filters in the unit when it is in place. A mesh screen (2) at the back of the frame sides (1) helps restrict the passage of dirt and vermin into the Frame unit. The device and its method of installation effectively redirect air flow from the duct through the Frame unit. When used in conjunction with the desired filters, the Easy-Attach Air-Duct Filter Frame may help reduce health risks posed by airborne particulate matter and vermin, which could promote disease, and may also improve the environmental quality of the inhabitable space into which the duct opens by reducing dirt odors, and noise present in and carried by certain interior air ducts.